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Living A Miraculous Life

The Power of Miracles

Miracle: According to Gabrielle Bernstein (www.gabbybernstein.com) in her Book ‘Spirit Junkie’ a miracle is the moment when we change the way we perceive our experiences. So that the way we experience our experiences change. The miracle of changing your mind.

According to the Course in Miracles all miracles involve a shift in perception.

What activities help us shift into being aware of creating miracles?

When we are in the practice of creating our miracles, actively changing our perceptions, when we are in the practice of prayer and meditation, when we are in the practice of expanding our awareness, when we are practicing forgiveness and compassion.

#3. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle. ACIM

Shifting our perception is a practice and through prayer and meditation this s how we accomplish it. The more we let go of our inner fears and become aware of our inner guidance system the more we become aligned with creating miracles everyday.

Who or what do we pray to for this guidance of shift in perception?

According to Gabrielle Bernstein, she suggests we try to find God, Spirit or some guidance of your own understanding (intuition) whether it is religious, spiritual or nature, but some of understanding of a higher connectedness to the source of all things. People on the spiritual path do not necessarily have to define who or what they are praying to. But trust in the knowing of the connection to the source of all things and the presence of that source as being far bigger than a solitary person. And that presence can restore them back to love. And in the acceptance of love is where miracles are created.

“The miracle is the means, the atonement is the principle and healing is the return to love. The result.”

In his book ‘Living the Course in Miracles” Jon Mundy makes a similar connection. The course makes repeated references to ‘choice & choosing’ and ‘deciding & the decision maker’. This means recognizing that we have made a decision for the ego; forgiving ourselves for that choice and choosing to perceive things differently.

Trust in the knowing that whether God, Angel, Christ, or the universal spirit energy, whatever you may call it, is guiding you and in many cases protecting you.

Ask for help..

There is no need to be afraid to ask for help through prayer or meditative practice. Accept the help and be aware it is coming.

Traditionally the spirit world and the secular world do not cross paths particularly in business. There is a new movement in the business world does not see the spiritual and the secular as polar opposites.

According to Bernstein, we have each come to this life, this point in life with the opportunity to unlearn everything and remember who we truly are and teach others how we got here. When we have a spiritual, health, or a message that mean achieving something more or something better in life that we are teaching when we get out in the open the spiritual and the secular are bound to crossover. Do not be afraid.

“I am not afraid, I was born to do this”. – Joan of Arc.

In a lot of us fear has become a habit. We are afraid to start something big. We are afraid to do something different. We are afraid of the unknown even though we know for sure what is not working in our lives we are afraid to change.

Through conscious choice and effort we can view things whatever they may be through the perception of love we then transcend fear and make love the habit, thereby creating everyday miracles.

‘When you witness fear call on the spirit to reorganize your thoughts and you will be recalled to love’, do it again and again. Soon your beliefs will no longer be reliant on fear. That doesn’t mean fear doesn’t exist it means that fear is not the place where your decisions are made or where you return to for guidance. You have now stepped into the realm of miracle making. If we consider ‘I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I will achieve and everything that ‘seems’ to happen to me I have asked for, and I receive as I asked. This is my responsibility.”

We will always experience fear, anger, disappointments, depression, regrets, guilt, etc. But we have a choice to experience them and let them go or be suffocated by them. When we learn to make love our habit and live in the light, we can recover from the most difficult emotions much faster and therein use the negative experience to learn and grow. Be willing to be happy.

“I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them”. – Yogi Bhajan

Changing our perception, making conscious choice and effort to see everything from the perspective of love, we are able to create miracles every day!

Become the Fire

Become the Fire.

As the fire builds inside of you as the energy to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, ‘Become the Fire’!

A lot of folks think, when they are pursuing their goals and dreams, that when things aren’t going the way they “want” or the way they “planned”, that it’s time to give up.

Many folks want to give up when things get a little tough or a lot tough.  How easy is it to believe the negative thoughts in you head? I know I have been led down the negativity path many times. You must change your thoughts to match the life you want.  Instead of falling into the trap of the negative shift your attention to the positive and even the neutral. Many times, if we feel as if we can’t achieve our dreams any sign of setback is a clue to give up. I have experienced this. There is a cure, trust, it is work but with consistency you can overcome the feeling of giving up.  Notice that setbacks, let downs or unmet expectations are an excuse to give up and are just thoughts you decide what thoughts you want to proceed with.

Taking this path will very rarely ever meet your “expectations”. The universe speaks in paradox. What looks big, is usually small; what looks scary is usually joyful; what seems impossible is very much achievable and what seems hard can be easy. When you come to understand the paradoxical nature of the universe as well as having an awareness of how your emotions control your decisions and have an open mind that everything does not have to go ‘your’ way. You will find surely that things will go your way.

Instead of judging a situation as “bad”, a “setback” or a “quitting point”, look at it this way: see GRACE. See an opportunity to change your perception of what the outcome may be.

Become aware of the idea of how protected, guided and looked after you are. When you look back, look back and see a blessing instead of a setback. Begin a process of training your mind to become non judgmental and to be consciously aware in the present moment.

Do not give up, do not hide in your comfort zone. Do not neglect the uncomfortable feelings you may experience. Sit with them be mindful of them, understand what they are meaning to you. Setbacks, failures, obstacles, fears are judgmental thoughts based in past experiences. Meditate take care of yourself in the present moment. Develop the awareness of the present moment.  

Don’t give up because it is uncomfortable, persevere because it is uncomfortable. You can notice your fears, and judgments and let them fade by not reacting to them instead let them be and make a different choice. Have trust that the universe is guiding you. And the outcome will be much greater than you ever imagined.

Emotional awareness, humility and a grace-filled mind will take you where you need to go.

Let go of the judgments, let go of expectations of what should or shouldn’t be or happen. Be present and be engaged in this moment. Do not give up. Stay in the fire, become the fire. You must take action to overcome your fears, setbacks, doubts. Do not put the fire out, do not try to overcome the fire. Become the fire!

Let go of the expectations and just show up fully with whatever you are feeling today.

My friend Mastin says “You are not being burned – you are being purified.”