I Was SILENCED, and Thank You for That.

I shared my story with you and EVERYONE else to bring an awareness to everyone that it’s not happening somewhere else, on the news in Minnesota, California, or New York, it’s happening here and not only here. But to me and my family, I shared because I am one of us, I am your friend Duane or your friend’s friend we are musicians, artists, creatives, workers, we all know each other or have the same friends in and out of music and art, we live in the same area. I am one of us.

I never expected so many to dismiss my experience as not important or relevant or even acknowledge the pain and suffering our family suffered. That was mind boggling and I really almost lost it.

But I apologize for entering a thread where obviously I do not belong and you silenced me. ‘Right time, right place, stay on point’ There has never been a right time or a right place for the change in Police Brutality and systemic racism. So it happens when it happens. And now is the time. Saying I’m not racist is no longer enough, as evidenced by the current situation around the world. By telling me ‘right time right place stay on point, you negate the horrible experience my family had to endure from an unnecessary brutal beating to the unnecessary death of a beloved 21 year old young man. You sir, yes you and all the others who desperately try to silence me, or dismiss this event that violently ripped the heart out of me and my family. And for that I will stay silent on your posts and in your life forever more.

I will lose many of my friends, acquaintances, several family members in this ordeal I do not care.  Saying I am not racist is not enough. People that keep screaming ‘All lives matter’ (Which is quickly becoming the New Racist chant) are missing the point and standing purposefully in the way . And not one person is saying ‘all lives don’t matter‘ or one is more important than the other only the ones screaming ‘all lives matter’. It is ridiculously stupid that this has to be explained. And that’s the problem with the closed mind or the programmed mind. There are those like you sir, the ones unwilling to evolve, to change and to make this better or to willingly understand. You see you and I can go into a grocery store, take a walk in town, go anywhere and not worry about people treating us differently because we are black. You do not have to fear that when you get pulled over by a cop you run the huge and growing risk of being harassed and beaten and have to live with that fear everyday of your life just because you are black. I know for a fact. My father is a stone cold racist I just had call with him and had enough of him telling me how much he hates those n!ggers, he hates all of them and those zebra’s and cha-cha’s (Hispanics) too, how he would kill them all. So the next time you go to Wawa or the gas station think about this: You don’t have some angry racist thinking those thoughts about you because you’re white. But I know 100% there are many more like my father. Now on the other hand, when he watches that video of the cops jack booting Cody to the head he gets angry at those cops, violently angry he knows deep down that is wrong And at this point you are saying to yourself, but he just said his father was a stone cold racist. Yes, but somehow my father never acknowledged that Cody was black.

I thought about getting a few people together like you and some others to sit with my family talk and watch the brutal beating that was unnecessarily given Cody. I wanted you to see our faces and really feel our pain just for a moment and have that experience with us and look us in the eye. But I realized it would do my family more harm than any good breaking our hearts again and again, as there would be no change. Because there is a certain matter of fact resistance to change this situation and it is so deep rooted in the psyche of America. If thought for one second that I could make you, or anyone of of you change your mind or at least be open to seeing another perspective I would do it. But I will stay silent. I will lose all of you for the sake of the broken heart of my family.

But there is good news, the more you scream and post ‘All Lives Matter’ the more racist you sound, yes, the more racist you sound and ignorant. except to your fellow shouters. The more the world hears it and it shows in the streets, not just in the big cities but in almost every small town across the USA (and yes those racists are out there protesting it), the NFL knows it, the NBA knows what matters, the Pope and many, many of our spiritual leaders, MLB, NHL, all the biggest Corporations and the smallest businesses, are stepping up and using their voices and their money, the NTRA, and even the Holy Grail of all the racists NASCAR is stepping up and making a change they are willing to cross that finish line and win the war on Racism & Police Brutality and soon the Politicians will have no choice all of their constituents will want the change. Of course except for those hard core racists but the balance will have shifted irreversibly. The world is changing and you can not stop it by shouting “All Lives Matter’ that is weak and shows an inherent lack of understanding of kindness. Because we all know all lives matter.

We all like to use a Martin Luther King quote of love & unity from time to time, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

But MLK is dead not because of love towards him but because of hate towards him. They hated him, and they wanted that N!gger to stay down. So I completely understand that my one little voice can not be heard by the closed mind. But when all of our voices, all of our actions, all of our consciousness all of our kindness joins together we will change the world.

Now you have a choice to make. Will you stand in the way or will you join the way.

One more little thing then you can go live your ‘All Lives Matter’ life the way you choose. Think, if you were having an argument with your wife and you were sure you were right and you got so angry you had to prove how right you were until she cried and then got mad. What would you do then? Would you not go to your wife and say ‘Gee honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know how that affected you. I’ll try to do better and understand”? Or would you continue to prove how right you are and really make sure she knows how right you are? From my experience I am pretty sure the 2nd question is the wrong way to go but… First, you should have never let it get that far in the first place, and second if you don’t say I’m sorry and do something about it quickly I guarantee 100% the next few hours or the next few days or weeks or months even the rest of your life are going to be miserable and you will pay a terrible price.

So why not fix this problem NOW. Now IS the time. It is the right place and the right time. And I am on point.

Thank you for silencing me.

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