Stay Down N!gger

This how racism directly affected me…a white guy..

(Part 1)-Ok. So to all the folks out there trying to not make this a race issue. What is the reason that a young man who is doing nothing wrong but giving some friends a ride in the town he lives and grew up, and gets pulled over, pulled out of the car complies and receives a brutal beating? The young man is a well liked person with success in his future. The young man while being kicked in the head screaming ‘I’m not doing anything wrong!” is ordered “Stay down N!GGER!”. no charges, no ticket nothing…Just for being black. One year later after depression, fear and despair set in gives up on the promise of a great future and is no longer with us. But all you facebook people have your agenda, you think you are all right and know better while sitting in front of your computers and tweeting, texting from your smart device, while being programmed by your favorite cable TV news/propaganda station. When you experience it to the deepest level of your soul in any manner then I welcome your opinion for discussion. Everything else you have to say is merely an opinion based on others opinion not necessarily based on fact or experience. And after this incident the family is threatened and intimidated not to pursue charges. 99.9% of YOU people on face book who have big opinions have not experienced this and I hope you never do. But I/we have. STAY DOWN N!GGER. It is about race. and it must change NOW!

(Part 2 of this Story)People have said why didn’t you do something about it? Where’s the proof? The news? the witnesses? Our family hired a lawyer who happened to be the brother. At the time recently passed the Bar, he was told if he pursued the case they would do everything to dis-bar and dis-credit him (threat #1), When they found out we would be in possession of the dashcam video the intimidation increased random stops for family members, several times the police from that town were sitting in MY parking lot in New Hope PA stalking me, in fact parked right in my assigned parking spot, our family decided to connect with another family with similar circumstance in that town and the intimidation level went up on that family. So you see it is a systematic and cultural problem, 1st this young man had to fear just being out and doing nothing but being black, and as a family we had to fear for what a system had brutally done for no reason except racism. Racism is at the core………Racism must end! Now is the time, no more STAY DOWN N!GGER

(Part 3 of this story) I did not post this story to get likes and comments and support. A quick like on facebook with a little emoji is nothing compared to what is going on. I posted it to make all of you aware that it can happen to you. To someone you love.. And I posted it for those people sitting home on their computers and cell phones watching their cable news program, research you tube & google who all have the almighty opinion of what should be done. Especially those who have opinions, and only their opinion is valid and is righteous and nothing else matters, those people they believe blindly what their favorite talking head or their greedy politician tells them to think, what they are programmed to believe. Those people who say I’m not racist I have black friends but those Jews really bother me, Those people! and I posted this story most of all because all of you people who all show your support, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? What? What will you do about it? Or is this going to be another one of those things we get mad about for a few weeks and then disappears? Not a day goes by where it disappears for us. Posting shit on Facebook is nothing. Artists make your make it mean something, make it say something! That’s what you were born to do!, Musicians, make your music make it mean something make say something make it change the world, When you go to work speak up make your voice be heard, Join a peaceful protest, write your congressman, your local political leaders, your schools & newspapers DO something, Do something, Do anything RACISM, Police Brutality, Looking away, complacency, must stop NOW. There is no room for RACISM. ‘STAY DOWN N!GGER! is not acceptable, Jew, Spic, Wetback, Chink, Slant Eyes, Shithole countries etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. etc, not acceptable. Pretending you’re not racist but talking like this is unacceptable. The way to stop this is a change of consciousness. And our Political leaders , they have failed us in fact they fan the flames…it is up to us to put an end to RACISM now. And all the so called Christians Jesus proved this wrong by doing what others in society could not and would not do:”Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him…” (see Matthew 8:3) Jesus was love love, the teachings of Jesus is love. Jesus, who perfectly embodied and displayed God’s perfect love, did not move away in disgust. Rather, He reached out to the leper and touched him.

God is not disgusted with us. We may have committed sins, but God’s love never changes. Our sicknesses do not dilute God’s love for us, and neither do our failures and sins stop Him from loving us.Why do the so called Christians call on Jesus to further divisiveness? So why do we continue to be racist? God is Love, Jesus is Love. DO SOMETHING! DO ANYTHING! Stop this now. ‘STAY DOWN N!GGER’ is unacceptable. I don’t care what you think of my opinion I don’t care if we have been friends 40 years or 10 seconds..It’s not funny, it’s not acceptable.

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